Project Overview

For many years Douglas County and the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) have been making improvements to the US 85 Corridor based on the 2002 South I-25/US 85 Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and Revised Record of Decision (ROD). As additional residential and commercial growth occurs in the northwest portion of the county, further studies were needed to identify what transportation improvements are necessary to support the development. Douglas County secured additional funds to continue this work and sponsored two important studies of US 85. The two separate studies are closely coordinated at each step in the process to allow citizen and stakeholder input. Ideally, these efforts assist the County and other agencies in identifying issues of importance in order to implement the highest-priority near-term improvements as soon as possible.

  • The PEL Study recommends improvements from approximately State Highway 67 (SH 67) in Sedalia to ½ mile north of C-470.
  • The Highlands Ranch Parkway to C-470 Project updates the 2002 ROD to reanalyze impacts and began design of recommended improvements for US 85 from Highlands Ranch Parkway to C-470.
  • The Highlands Ranch Parkway to Colorado Highway 470 (C-470) Re-evaluation was completed in July 2017 as an update to the 2002 Record of Decision (ROD) to address changes to conditions that have occurred since it was issued by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). The Reevaluation identifies changed existing and future conditions; identifies a refined Selected Alternative for improvements to improve capacity, operational performance and safety for traffic volumes in 2040; identifies changes in legislation, regulations, and guidance related to the improvements; reanalyzes impacts; and develops needed changes to the mitigation measures identified in the FEIS/ROD. You can review the final Re-evaluation document here.
  • The Planning and Environmental Linkages Study is complete. Review the final report.
  • Visit the PEL Study section to see a brief recap of the findings in the PEL report.

Project Area Map